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seo(seach engine optimization)all notes of seo gudelines you can read it free and you can download seo notes with seo updates algorithm by google.best seo gudeline with latest algorithm of google, so you will come to know how to do seo for your site to be on top in search engine ,you will also get seo tools and more important site for seo which will help you for back link of your site.

welcome for visiting in Best IT Training (BITT)Here you will get information of seo and how seo is helping for earning money form online free by clicking ads on website and blogger.

ON page Optimization of seo?all rule and regulation of ON page seo?if you don't know about computer learn free computer class CLIKC HERE

What is seo and types of seo? ,there are so many question about seo as belove?

· What is mean seo?

· What is full form of seo?

· How seo is helpful for websites and blogger?

· What types of seo are there?

· Different types of seo?

· What are rule and regulation of seo?

· What is adsense?

· What is adwords?

· What is google analytics?

· What is back link in seo?

· What is use of google adwords,adsense,analytics,webmaster in seo how this help for increasing website and marketing in searchengine?

· What to care for seo and how to bring top ten bloger and website?


Seo question answer of interview?

· What are rule and regulation of ON page optimization ?what is rule and regulation of off page optimization??


SEO means Search Engine Optimization meaning optimizing (changing) website so as to rank top in search engines.


In seo there are 2 types of works: 1.

ON Page Optimization(one time process) : In this, the changes are made within the website to rank top in search engines like Google 20% 2.

OFF Page Optimization (regular): In this, the changes are made outside the website to rank top in search engines. 80%

How to create free and payable blogger?Tips of creating free and payable blogger websites??

Step 1 : Choose your interested topic on which your are going to open a website and do seo to that website. How To create a free website blog? Blogger.com (Google) Weebly.com Wordpress.com Wix.com Webs.com

What is seo keywords and how to find seo keywords for websites and blogger.

Step 2 : Choose the set of keywords, for which you want to rank top in search engines. Ways 2 choose keywords:

1. Google

2. Keyword tool

3. Other sites

4. Trends


Expect Keyword: the search term of a visitor is called keyword

How to buy domain and how to convert blogger into wesite

How to make blogger into website like .com .in .org

To check the availability of domain names visit any domain registration website : e.g. www.GoDaddy.com.

Things to know before you choose your website name: 1.See that your website or website page names are the starting words of the 'keywords' you are targeting, a keyword is the search term in any search engine. Eg. 'Tollywood'

ON PAGE Optimization : On page optimization involves changing the html code of the website's every page which wants to rank top in search engines. It basically involves changing of Meta tags, Title tags, Header tags, font decoration, image alternative text, etc... Now, Firstly, choose set of keywords that are related to the content of your website.

Title-what is title in blogger how it look in google??

<Title> : These should contain anywhere between 65-100 letters, these are the words that should start with (or have) your keywords, the title of a webpage is displayed in the title of the website, in Google organic search, the title of the website is displayed in the first line of the each result in blue colour,The Google reads the first 65 characters of your web title.

what is description in blogger and wesite ?how description look in google?what is use of description for seo in blogger. Description <Meta Description : The meta description should consist of not more than 100 words, any where between 80-100 words make a good meta description, note that the first 25 words (160 to 500 characters) of the meta description should have all your keywords. This part is displayed next to title of each search result in the google organic search.

What is keywords keywords in seo?how I will get keywords for seo ?

Step : Keywords <meta Keywords> Tag : This tag should contain all the keywords that you are targeting separated by comma. There should be only one meta keywords tag per webpage. Ex: tollywood, tollywood movies, tollywood songs etc.. It should consist of anywhere around 5 - 10 keywords.

What is header in blogger ?what is use of header in seo for blogger?

Step : Header Header tags (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>) : The header tags of the website pages should always consist of the keywords that you are targeting. There should be only one h1 tag per page for better ranking in google however you can have more than one <h2> and <h3> tags sytax: <h1> ... </h1> and so on for all the header tags from h2 to h6 tags.

What is image alternative ?what is use of image alternative in seo,how it help for seo,

Step: Image Alternative Text <Image Alternative text> tag : The image alternative text tag should always contain the keywords that you are targeting. Do not have the same image alternative tag for more than 1 image, use different text but see that it has the keywords that you are targeting. For eg. If my keyword is 'mobiles' then i can have images with alt text as, mobiles nokia, mobiles lg, mobiles samsung s2 glaxy etc...

What is font decoration and how to decorate font of blogger ??how blogger can be decorated by seo?

Step : Font Decoration Bold, Italic and underline tag : If your webpage has font in Bold, italics or underline in any part of the text, see that they contain the keywords that your are targeting.

What is keyword density?what is use of keyword density?how it help for images in google search engine .

See that the keyword density in the web page is anywhere between 2% - 4% for better ranking in google and the starting 20 words of your webpage must have these keywords.

What is internal link of blogger how to give internal link to blogger by seo?

Step : Every webpage must have a link to its related pages of the same site . Ideally there should be five such links at the bottom of the webpage content with the head ink as 'Also read'. If possible see that the anchor text of the internal links to the site has the keywords that you are targeting. my.outbrain.com 

www.simplereach.com www.linkwithin.com www.get.2leep.com

Broken Link : If at all any page in a website does not have navigation (link) to any other page of your website, this condition is called as broken link and it is a big 'drawback of SEO'. A site can never ever rank top with a broken link so, it is must avoid. To avoid broken link and interconnect related inner pages within your

Which video I have to upload on my blogger?what kind of videos I have to upload ?rule and regulation of seo for uploading video?

Step : If you are using videos in your website, see that the video is related to the content of your website, this will improve your ranking in YouTube as well, See that you change the video alternative text tag in html just like you have done for the image.

What is social book marking ?how social bookmarking use in seo for blogger??


Step : Add social bookmarking icon (social media sharing button) in every web page of the site. Addthis.com or sharethis.com addany.com Step 15 : Don't create multiple pages with the same content in your website. All the above tasks comes under ON - Page optimization that comprises of 10% of Seo, if all the tasks are accomplished then you score 10/10 votes if google in On page optimization.



as we have discuss about best Seo free guideline in pdf file with full nots of this year Computer Hardware and Networking notes|latest Updates of SEO tutorils|Business Ideas|Tickets Booking tips|Free Ads|Heath Tips|Job all you will get on Best IT Training--jusd read pdf file seriously so no need to harm google algorithm and google will not block your site in search engine.