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OFF Page tips and trics of seo how to use off page optimization for blogger and websites.

welcome for visiting in Best IT Training (BITT)Here you will get information of seo and how seo is helping for earning money form online free by clicking ads on website and blogger. CLICK HERE FOR ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION IN SEO ?know more about
·       What is off page seo?
how to earn money from off page,how to get profit money from off page

·       What types of off page seo?
·       What is the different between off page and on page seo?
·       How off page is helpful for wesites and blogger?
·       What is work of off page seo in websites?
·       Why is off page seo is use for blogger?
·       What is the best way of doing off page seo?
·       How to earn money from off page work of seo?
All above question come for off page optimization is seo for interview round. So read it carefully for your question and answer of off page seo.

To add your url to the google web directory, go to
www.google.com/addurl and submit you website. Within, 24-48
hours your site will be added in the google search engine.

*  How to submit site to google and yahoo bing ?
To submit site to all the major search engine directories go to
www.submitexpress.com and fill the submit form.

*  How to check blog is present or not in google?
To check whether your site is present in the search engine
directory or not:  

site:"your website address"

eg: site:www.bestitt.blogspot.com
Google Webmaster Tools:
This is available at the address




This tool is designed for the SEO Experts, in this tool one can,

1.Sumbit the site and all its WebPages to Google search engine.

2.You can analyse your site performance in the search engine.

3.You can check your site ranking for various keywords in the
google search engine

4.You can check your website's keyword density

5.You can check your back links.

Sitemaps :
Sitemaps are the html / xml representation of all the page urls of
your site, any sitemap file would have all the addresses of each of its pages, When such types of sitemaps are created and submitted to the search engines automatically, all the webpages
of your website are entered in the search engine directories. Each
website has got one sitemap.

Adding the sitemap file in webmaster tools from

In blogger sites, when a site is built the sitemap files are created
automatically in the background in the format:





site.com/sitemap.xml (or) html

Google Analytics

This tool gives us the statistics of the traffic for our website, with
the help of this tool, you can know the details of the traffic such

1. Source of the traffic (Search engines, Reference sites, Direct)

2. Keywords in search engine that bought the visito$ to our site.

3.Region of traffic.

4.Browse$ from which the traffic has come.

5.Avg. time spent by the visitor in our site.

6.Avg. number of pages visited by the visitors.

Important Statistics of a website :

1. Backlinks : Back links are nothing but the links of your
WebPages in other websites.(reference)

It can be either in the form of text links or images.

The syntax of back links is as follows :
Link syntax:

<a href=" WEBSITE_URL ">KEYWORD</a>

Ex: <a href=http://freeseotips.in>free seo tips</a>

The website url can be the home page or any page of your site  and The keyword should always be your own keyword of your  webpage, for which you want the top ranking in search engines.  More the number of back links better it is for SEO.Infact 80% of SEO is dependent on Backlinks.

Backlinks are of two types:

Do follow : These are the backlinks in which there is direct
reference to your site.

No follow : These are the backlinks where there is no direct
reference to your site, in other words the url is encrypted here.
Quality Back links to Get Top Place :-

1.Backlinks from high PR (Page Rank) websites have very high

2.Backlinks from your competitors websites have very high value.

3. Backlinks from low 'external links' websites have very high

4.Virgin Backlinks have very high value.

5.Backlinks from different domains have higher value than
backlinks from the same domain.

6.The backlinks from .gov, .edu and .org websites have higher

7. backlink from only related sites.(pages)
*  How to check websites and blogger backlink?
To check backlinks for any website you can visit the url:


PR        avg.uniquevisitors avg.value (converted in $.)

(Daily)                               (pr)

1              100 - 300                             $.20,00 - $. 50,00

2              300 - 1000                        $.50,000- $. 2,00,000

3.                1000-3000                  $.2,00,00 - $.10,00,00

4              3000 - 10000                   $.10 L - $.1 Cr.

5              10000 - 30000                 $.1 Cr - $.10 Cr.

6              30000 - 1L                       $.10Cr - $.100 Cr.

7              1L - 1 Cr                           $.100 Cr. - $.1000 Cr.

8              1 Cr - 100 Cr                $. 1000 Cr - $.10,000 Cr.

9              100 Cr - 1000 Cr         $.10,000 Cr - $. 1 L Cr.

10             1000 Cr +                          $. 1,00,000 Cr. +

Backlinks can be acquired for free of cost and there are also paid
backlinks available in the market, little research in the google will
show you that backlinks these days has become a big business.
So, if you have money you can quickly get in top ranking websites in any search engines but if you want go by the free methods it takes time and your patience but, success is bound to  you sometime in future.

A small example to show thevalue of PR and Backlink:

A virgin PR 6 backlink costs around $.1,00,000 / month.