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How to make good relation between boy and girls and how to increase any relationship??

How to make good relation between boy and girls and how to increase relations??Computer Hardware and Networking notes|latest Updates of SEO tutorils|Business Ideas|Tickets Booking tips|Free Ads|Heath Tips|Job all you will get on Best IT Training---

How to make good relation between boy and girls and how to increase any relationship??

Hello guys today bestittraining is going to share about How to make good relation between boy and girls and how to increase relations??with any person like Girl and Boy friends it may be Husband and wife also so do not worry now best training is brought for your and of this question like How to make good relation between boy and girls and how to increase relations?? 

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Many visitors ask me how to increase my relationship i am getting trouble in my relation so please suggest me to solve my problems in my relations but we also could not recognize such a good topic for increasing relation after our all team went for survey people who are fighting and who all are living together with family very happy without any spending among and all so read carefully and improve your relation with any one be happy and make other to live happy.

First thing to Ask what you want any special.

once you inter in any relation like boy friend and girl friend so ask her or him for what she or he wish to complete with you and please try to share so your partner come to know and you will feel comfortable in your relation for happiness.if she/he ignore then try to treat her and him by giving party and spending more time to talk and playing any game for every day so she /he will keep touch with you for more conversation and more trust in your relation.

Try to know and Become an expert on your partner.
Never try to make a fake relation with any one in your society or in any organization please make sure that you know her/his complete profile about his family and his organization so if any one will come to ask your about your partner please try to inform him/her(do not give info without permission)so some body will give your good reference for your relations.

Create a weekly schedule for playing and game and any tour.

If you really want to increase more relations among your partner then please spend maximum time with your partner if you do not have time please make weekly schedule for playing and doing any kind of activity which she or he likes.

Increase relation with husband and wife in sexy activity.

if your husband and wife so please do not fight much and please be happy life start from marrig and end on death so be happy and live happy but how you can live happy if you find and distraction for sex activity please do what husband wish to you and what women wish to you so both partner should hear each other for sex activity if you do not like please make it habit for making happy to your partner.

Talk soft and polite with your partners.

Never try to speak loudly and rootly which will hurt your partner heart so be always polite and soft if you get any kind of angry leave that place for few mints and drink water after come back and discuss with your partner what happened actually and try to be cool infront your partner if your partner getting angry for any situations.

Never speak lie and never say lie about others.

If you want to increase more and more then best is never share any thing lie and never talk bad about any one with your partner .partner will come to know that if your talking about them you might be talk about me with some one else so be aware and keep it far while you taking to your partner. trust and good communication will increase more relation so never break this think to increase your communication with your partner try to get into movies and education not talk any bad for other people.

Never ignore if your partner look dull and seek.

your partner live with your .you spend more time with them then you should understand how they look and how they are feeling every day if suddenly they look some different please ask and treat like parents and husband and wife it mean that your care for her /him and also try to concern and take him/her at hospital this will increase more and more good relation that you have more worry about your partners than your work and time.

Make your apology with your partner.

If you will do any mistakes and it may happened naturally never speak lie that i did not done accept your mistakes and try to say sorry .sorry is short and simple that will increase your trust in your partner .never blame other for your mistakes and if you will find out any one to do mistakes never say i saw him/her never make trouble for other .your partner will come to know that you may cause any problem for me also in future.