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How to get high marks in exams without studying and stress in board and college exam?

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How to get high marks in exams without studying and stress in board and college exam?

As we know no one is going to get good mark without study and every body needs a tips for how to get high marks in exams without studying because we  so busy with our friends and with our games and we keep on searching on internet how to score good marks in exams without studying in 10th ,12 th class and how to score good marks in college exams also it may be English ,science,maths, what ever but you will get good mark once you will create your question that How to score more than 90% in the board exam and college exam?

keep a paper for Writting important things for exam.
  • As you know when we stdy a lots to score more than 90% in the board exam and college exam we will forget some important topics on exam time so please not down all formulas and scintific name in the blank paper it will help you to recollect information on exam time.

Do not wast time in big problem Do the problems you know first-
  • This is important that we do not have much time in exam we will get only one and two hour approximately so be aware that first do thing which you know and please write question number it wont confuse to examiner .

Do not confuse in question please Cross out the question which you answed.
  • So many students do mistakes when they write answer of question which is konw very well but later they will be in confuse so never do that and never wast your time to find out which question answer you have completed.please try to mark on your question which you already answerd.

Do not dipress when you find aptitute question-
  • Most answer of the question we will find in the paragraph so do not wast time and do not confuse just relax and think after try to find out a line which is matching to your question in the paragraph .after try to find and copy that line to answer of your question. you'll at least have a 25% chance of getting the right answer.
Stay in your class do not take your brain on tour Pay attention in your classes
  • Many students do this thing they make it fake in class for keeping safe from teacher so never do that because your going to kill your self and your career not other and not your teacher so beware about it.pay attention and note down important notes in the paper keep on asking your doubts to teacher. 
Never leav your attention in your class Take good notes. 
  • As your know in your class your teacher gonna to teach and give your some tips about specific topics so do not think that she is just wasting time in your class no she is providing very important information about lesson so note down all that notes.
Do not lazy Do your homework at time .
  •  Many youngster thing that what we will do home work its just time pass we will go for play with our friends and they will leave home work as is it .and they will become weak in the class because of this and who do home work they will become intelligent in class because they do home work at time and they will learn many problem and assignments.
Once you learnt do not sit Do practice tests.
  • Once you learnt ask your teacher for previous question paper and ask to print some question paper from online and solve it if you find out any problem ask to your teacher to solve it.

Do not study when you tired Sleep well
  • When you feel tired please make sure that you will take relax if you will go for exam while you feel tired definitely you will fail because question come from your brain so give relax to your brain by sleeping well go to bed early for sleep and take deep breath and sleep.
Do not forget anything at your home Have all the necessary supplies
  • Do not take any tension by forgetting any of these calculators, pens, pencil s, blank paper, and other supplies you might need so carry on all these and do your exam all the best guys.
Drink a lots of water and go for toilet if you feel-
  • Please don't be miser to drink water while your test do not disturb your brain keep fresh and please do not think shy ,fear ask what ever like want to drink water and wanna go for pee. you want do that don't be in mind distraction .