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How To Start a SEO Business on online /How to Open a SEO Agency for starting online business.

welcome in Best IT Training (BITT).best it training now will tel you about about How To Start a SEO Business and How to Open a SEO Agency for online work . my friend currently own a local SEO .company himself and have been running it since 2006 with good success in SEO Company before this you should know many tool to be success then no need to ask for how to go ahead and start your very own local SEO business in your city so you have to keep all this things in mind to be success in SEO Businsess. 

we will also discuss more about these -How To Start a SEO Business and How to Open a SEO Agency for  online work , how to receive amount from client,Best Promotion way for getting high range of client for my company ,How to start  Emailing marketing for business,What is Direct mail and how to do direct mail ,How Creating your own referral Marketting etc as below we have discussed 

Proceess-  As you go through this tutorial for how to start a seo business and how to start a seo agency with less amount with good network, I’ll explain what each file and document is needed and how it will help you out for start a seo agency for online business. 

Now the first question is without seo knowledge how to start seo business and how to open a seo agency for online Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) , Don’t let down your head because all you need to do in the end is find someone who does seo for any website and bring them top in search engine– I have discussed on oldest post 

Website- If you going to start any seo business for online business you need to create a website for providing information to your exist client or you upcoming client though google search engine .now again one more important thing how to create a website or blog without knowing html and xml so you do not worry you can hire a person who does it or you also can learn form youtube that how to create blog without html and xml knowledge. 

Designing- how to design a blog without html and xml and why is important for designing a websites for starting a online business .This is simple you need a neat and clean place for surviving your life same in business if you want to rune your business for long time then you need to be a brand for your business so people will come to your company without thinking anything “First impression is last Impression “ for any successful business man it may be online or off line business.

Processing payments-How I will get payment from client for my task –which is done for a client its very simple simlery many other organization they doing online payment strategy for their client who is not ready to come from one stat to other stat or one country to other country this will be trusted .who want to give you apportunity for doing any task they will believe and they will pay 30% 50% extra amount.Here below I have given how to receive amount from client

  • Cheque: you can receive amount by cheque by DD of Your Seo Company 

  • PayPal: You also can ask to transfer into your pay pal account 

Best Promotion way for getting high range of client for my company

This is very important once you opened any seo company or seo agency you will not success at a time you have to do little effort for it that is promotion of your business that I am going to mention how to get high range of client for my business 

Emailing marketing for business-if some one searching for seo company then they will send you mail by using your website contact form once you receive that mail do not let it delete keep it safe and reply them with your quatos what you provide for clients 

What is Direct mail and how to do direct mail- direct mail mean its just getting mail from search engine by search in google for many organization are established. After getting their mail form there web site and send them about your company details what you are giving . 

How Creating your own referral Marketting –once you get any project not it just do and earn money from them try to work for them as brand so you will get referral traffic for your blog from your existing clients. 

Hope you satifiede with post my next post will be about increasing business client on Internet.