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How to solve spelling mistakes in English withing short time

कैसे स्पेलिंग मिस्टेक्स सुदारे  अंग्रेजी में -अब मिला गया  अंग्रेजी में गलती का सोलुशन Here you got nice option for improving english mistakes many people ask how to solve spelling mistakes and how we can improve them so best it education going to share some tips which most of the time we do and we have confusion for writing spelling in our note and in our videos so you do now worry because its very simple .Best it Traning found out the solution for you that may help you for helping you for improving spelling mistakes in english its very simple .Here we are pasting some spelling which give more confusion to us .

Please do not stop to learn try to get more spelling and learn them and also see the different between British and American English.as below we are pasting all meaning which we have share in this videos if you need meaning in your language please find in google or do it dictionary 

Here are Different between American and British English words

BRITISH ENGLISH                              AMERICAN ENGLISH

Analyse                                          Analyze
Centre                                             Center
Defence                                          Defense
Favour                                            Favor
Favourite                                        Favorite
Glamour                                         Glamor
Honour                                           Honor
Pretence                                         Pretense
Metre                                             Meter
Neighbour                                     Neighbor
Offence                                          Offense
Paralyse                                        paralyze
Rumour                                         Rumor
Skilful                                            Skillful

Litre                                               Liter