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12 Most Important Common Interview Questions and Answers by Multinational Company HR?

Top 12  Tough Interview Questions and  with 12 Great Answers Computer Hardware and Networking notes|latest Updates of SEO tutorils|Business Ideas|Tickets Booking tips|Free Ads|Heath Tips|Job all you will get on Best IT Training---Now learn Smart Answers to Common Job Interview Questions

Best most Common Interview Questions and Answers  by Multinational Company HR?

 Most Important Common Interview Questions and Answers  by Multinational Company HR?
Hello today we will discuss the most use full interview question in all secontors it may be government or it may be private sector but it will help you to pass out interview at first time its self so read and implement it in your interview .if you want fluent then practice it more and more ..

In interview there are lots of question to ask and reply but we are going to share here only the most important question which is mostly use to ask by interviewer .

Tell me about yourself. – This is first question in interview they know about you but then also they want to ask about your self because they want see how you can speak and how you can communicate with some one else –how to answer about your self just tell briefly about your personal life like –Name , family status, education qualification , sports, hobbies, computer proficiency etc. tell slow and medium voice.

What is your greatest strength? After asking about your self you also can share this before they ask about your strength never say I can make many I can spend money I can buy people hahaha ok just simple I can walk for long distance – I am adaptable – I am straight word – I am quick learner - I keep to know depth of my work where I am task – I have good communication - I am ready to work under?

What is your greatest weakness? - Then second question is weakness so now I am lazy , I can not do work under presser , Here simple answer is I can not remember a person name at first time I have to meet two time - I am not carry pen or diary when I go some where – I trust people easily .

Describe Your Current where currently you working or worked ?This is the second question if your experienced and working in any organization at present time so do not worry just tell what is your position and what work and what is your responsibilities on this position.

Why are you leaving or have left your previous job ?This is the most blank question which will make you at current position hmmm be cool here best it training is with you never blame and never say bad about your boss and colleague and never say there is lots of pressure and stress just say my aim is to join a big organization so I found this organization is best as per my education and qualification which I can utilize for increasing company reputation in the market.

Why do you want this job? This is nice question at funny lever why you want this job for earning money no then for increasing company reputation or your reputation hahaha simple I have passion to work like this position so company like if you do work on a position which is your passion .

Where do you see yourself in five years?hahahah nice question you cannot predict your future so how you can tell where you will be after five year from now .Never be nervous we are here very simply just share I will work hard I will increase my knowledge and experience for a manager in this organization after five year.

Why should we hire you? - Be prepared to say why. Make your response a concise sales pitch that explains what you have to offer the employer, and why you should get the job.

What are your salary expectations? If you are experienced you can say this much I need salary if you are fresher then you can sir as you know am fresher you can decide as per my education and qualification how much you want to pay?

How do you handle stress and pressure? If any type of problem accrued first I will try my best my self and then I will discuss to my team about my stress which is related to my project if then also it will not come then I will prefer to manager find out the solution . if more presser of work I will divide work under my team member 

What are your goals for the future? My goal is to become a CEO of the company and want to contribute social welfare for helping unemployed and poor people which will bring good result of this organization by social welfare. 

Do you have any questions for me?-This is the final question by interviewer for if any question ask directely never hesitat but never ask flat and wife ok just say sir if I selected then where I will stay and what will be the my responsibilities of the work.

Notes-all question and answer have taken from experience holder HR of companies -Hope you have clear and this will help you a lot to pass out the interview at first time all the best do practice practice and study well about your new organization before interview.now your have clear about  Most Important Common Interview Questions and Answers  by Multinational Company HR?