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How to earn money from Google and Youtube Facebook Genuine way.

welcome in Best IT Training (BITT).best it training now will tel you about How to earn money from Google and Youtube Facebook we start to provide training on skyple Now days no one help to any one without paying .then why google and youtube? Many people are spending maximum time on internet for browsing searching for product and gadgets etc rights.So companies from the world they are displaying ads on internet by adwords for that many people like us creating website and video and earn money by displaying ads

Adwords- It’s a online advertising service of Google –read about it in google-

How much profit we get and google get-example apple company advertise Iphon6 its pay to google 100$ and 75$ google pay back to website owner like  exp ,olx many are there AND  for videos also on youtube –training videos ,joking ,movies ,song ,interview,motivation etc
How google pay us –google pay us by Adsense as per Visitor time spend on our website (did you ever find many of us read their article on website  and Views of videos  ,subscription of youtube channel.

Adsense- it’s a bank of google its display ads on video and website. By adsense we can know how much we are earning and its connected to your bank a/c. read about it in google

Typle of ads-there are so many type of ads –
·       Apple phone 5$
·       Lenova 10$
·       Cloths 15$

How to earn money from Google and Youtube Facebook Genuine way.No fraud only genuine by google not for others.

How you can know that which website is earning how  much?

Visit –http://www.statshow.com- typle any website in search box in statshow.com for exp-www.olx.in now scroll your statshow website page and you will find website information ads revenue –how much they are earning per day per month

What I will train you?
·         How to create website without knowing coding .
·         How to earning money from it and become partner for google.
·         How to create videos that have more views and subscription.
·         How to earn money and and create youtube channel for youtube partner ?
·         Explaine you about  Adwords, adsense, webmaster  tools, submission, analytics etc.

Typle of website I will explain and how you can earn from it

·         Social website like –facebook,worlfloat,twitter etc.
·         Simple site –company site,example www.lmra.bh
·         Classified site for displaying free ads-olx.in etc

After learning this course what you can do?
·         You can work for others.
·         You can work for your videos and site as part time only 2hrs per day.
·         You also can be a trainee for  any institution or  your own private.
·         You able to do work  as digital marketier or internet marketier .

Find in internet many job are there for internet marketier and digital marketier.

I give training at home ,garden bus stop,online ,where you comfortable (travels charge include)after noon ,6 pm to 9 pm and weekly class on Thursday to Friday 4 hours .

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