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how to convert my blogger into .com, .in without changes my contents,best tips and trick for converting blogger

how to convert my blogger into .com , .in without changes my contents,what is best tips and trick for converting blogger into .com .in
welcome in Best IT Training (BITT).best it training now will tel you about . How to convert blog spot into .com .in , here best tips for making .blogspot into website address like .com .in .net . I have brought this topic after knowing from people about these questions how to convert my blogger into .com ,.in without changes my contents,what is best tips and trick for converting blogger into .com .in  .they are seaching about how we can convert blogspot into website adress so i have decide to post this about domain .com . in .
example-www.bestitt.blogspot.com  ,convertedinto www.bestitt.com
if you are really serious for your domain then read this best step for convert blogspot into .com , .in , .org .
Do you want to remove that extra " .blogspot" from your blog name and want to convert it into a standard website address? You can do it in very few steps.Google provide this service for blogger.Here is a solution for it.Follow these steps to convert your blog into a standard website address.read step by clicking more
keywords-how to make my blogger into website address , how to change blogger into .com .in , what is best tips and trick for converting blogger into .com .in . ,how i can convert my blog into website address like .com .in. top ten step for creating blogger into .com . .in , how to convert my blogger into .com  .in without changes my contents 

steps:-best tips  for converting blogspot into website address, best tips for converting blogspot into .com , .in ect

1. Log into your blogger account with your username and password.

2. Click on settings ->basics.

3. Now click on "+Add custom domain" which is under publishing section.

4. Now enter your desired domain and click on check availability to check " for its availability.

5. Next message will display which describes about the cost and facilities available.

6. Click on continue registration and follow steps to register.

but now days you will not get any kind of setting in blogger its self so go for other domain provider site like www.hostgator.com  , www.domain.com ,www.godady.com Here you can purchase any kind of domain check domain name avaibility and copy or past it into blogger setting before going to do  this read google guidline  and do it properly

Once you puchased domain from third party domain then past your domain into add custom domain setting .

After you  Hit on the Save button. Now you will see an error and two CNAMEs listed below.this you should read carefully and try to setup your domain .
The first CNAME is same for all - Name being "www" and Destination "ghs.google.com". And the second CNAME varies person to person. It's a security CNAME as you can see in first example or second example for short token or long token
 Example - 
Short token - 2mdsgfwgqzh3. 
Long token - gv-brhg3pungts8u7.dv.googlehosted.com.

  • Once you understood these steps then go to your domain hosting provider's site and find DNS (Domain Name System) settings from the dashboard of your domain hosting provider site.

  • Try to find DNS in your hosting provider site Then Enter the first CNAME as - www for name, label or host. Andghs.google.com for destination, target or points to. 
Enter the second CNAME similarly. Enter the short and long security token. Set the TTL to 1 hour. 
For moving your naked domain to an actual site ( from bestittblogspot.com to www.bestitt.com) you have to enter this   records for your visitors to access your site if you will enter your visitors might access your site without using www.

Now enter the domain name one of IP .
please do not hurry be patient for sometime and wait for about an hour to move to the final step. By this time your DNS settings will be activated.

Finally come again in your blogger setting and save setting of blogger