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what is the most important tips after getting adsense approved,best guidelines for maintaing adsense for longer time.

welcome in best IT Training congratulation you have approved your adsense know you have to becarefull for your account because if you do not follow all below adsense guidelines google will remove or disapprove you account for earning revenue from google so don't do mistakes after getting approved your adsense account be careful by reading all these steps.most people ask question about adsense after getting approved ,how to keep adsnse safe after approved ,what i should care for adsense for making money form online ,why my adsense account is disapproved ,how i can increase revenue form adsense for longer time,these all question mostly asking by every one who are using blogger and websites so read all guideline for your adsense .Read adsense guiline befor and this below after approved.
v  The  first thing you need to do after getting AdSense is to be careful. Because your AdSense account maybe disabled at any time!
v  Never click your own Ads. And not a single click to test.
v  Never encourage others to click the Ads by any means.
v  Never try to make artificial clicks.
v  Place the Ads in a way so that it doesn’t disturb the visitors.
v  The Ads should be distinguishable from your site's contents.
v  And finally follow all the rules that you did before getting AdSense.