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how to earn money from youtube , best way of applying adsense easily , tips of earning money from youtube

welcome  in Best IT Training (BITT).best it training now will tel you about -how to earn money from youtube by uploading video or by display ads on video what i have to do for showing ads on youtube and how youtube video can earn money from online.here i am going to tell you about easy to apply for adsense if you are not ready or  google disapprove for adsense so do not worry youtube is there , youtube will help you to display ads on video as well as on your blog or website but be carefull while you apply adsnese for your youtube video. Once you apply for adsense you can copy ads code from youtube adsense or you can display ads on blog so your earning will be together of your blog or your youtube video.
popular question after survey

  1. how to earn money from youtube?
  2. how to get for adsense in youtube?
  3. what is best way of earning money from youtube?
  4. how to montelize youtube account?
  5. what video can be  uploaded to youtube ?
  6. what are tips for legal or illegal uploading videos?  
best tips and tricks of 2013-2014 year for earning money from online  by youtube or blogger
how to apply for adsense of youtube video

Please what this video carefully and listen this for monopolization your youtube video with best way of earning money try to read all below tips for more awareness about your youtube videos.

what i should care after monetizationed my youtube 

  • do not upload copy videos
  • do not make fool to viewer by giving wrong keyword with videos
  • try to be familier with youtube monetization dont try to copy of other videos
  • if you want to copy of other video so get permission or upload it 
  • best try to create your own video or upload 
  • after uploading try for monetization 
  • youtube monetize individual video not all together so carfull
  • if you have doubt related to earning money ask in comment
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